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After, 26 years I am thinking that I want to do different things with the
> last part of my career and I am seriously considering selling the farm.  It
> is a profitable business with well maintained buildings and infrastructure
> that I want to sell as a turnkey operation, no leasing, rent to own, or
> self financing.  Is anyone else reaching that point and want to have a
> conversation about what they are thinking and how best to value and sell
> the operation.  I would welcome a conversation with people looking to buy
> to hear what their needs are (please keep in mind that leasing, rent to own
> and self financing will not be possible).
> Geo
> Hurricane Flats

It sounds like there are a lot of resources out there to help one through
the selling process.  As I discover more I will make a post detailing those
resources.  For the short term, it sounds like there are several of us
wrestling with the career change/retirement issue, and there is some
interest in setting up an online meeting so we can meet and talk through
what we are feeling and experiencing.   Send me an email if you'd like to
be included in on such a meeting.


Hurricane Flats