Hi All, 

I have a bunch of remaining green hinged lid Buckhorn crates from a large group order and am now offering to anyone who's interested!

I have around 300 of these:

And around 230 of these (except in green not gray)

First come first serve till they are gone! 

The larger 12” crates are $14 each
And the smaller 9” crates are $13 each


They are currently located in Argyle, NY at Pleasant Valley Farm but I am traveling to Burlington area with a truck this Tuesday, July 13th so can bring as many as needed then. Possibly right to your farm depending on location! Otherwise, I will keep track of who orders and from where and then work out a good way to deliver them. I don’t have a problem offering free delivery if I can zoom around and deliver most of what I have in a day around VT. 

As a bonus, if you’d like me to come to your farm and give thoughts or free quotes on sensor, WiFi, smart irrigation or camera systems I can do that as well since that is my actual business! 

Buckhorn isn’t even making these crates right now due to resin shortages, not sure exactly when they will start again, but not for quite a few months. I am probably doing other bulk group orders from Buckhorn in the future so if there are particular crates/colors you are interested in, I am all ears! (Just fill out the form and there is a notes section)

Here is the order form:


Robert Arnold
Technical Consultant
Smart Farm Innovations
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