I have several acres of prime river bottom land on which I grow VOF certified crops. Because we have significantly cut back to only a couple of wholesale crops, most of the land is being transitioned into hay. Although I have no interest in making hay myself, I do have a neighbor who grows and sells a modest amount of conventional square bales, and who may be interested in some kind of arrangement with me to harvest hay from our fields and possibly share the crop. However, it will only be worth her while if we can get a significantly better price than the $4.50  she now gets for in-the-field conventional bales. My mixed grass/clover hay is of top quality from fertile, organically certified fields. 
If any of you are buying or selling or have knowledge of organic hay prices, I would appreciate any suggestion as to a reasonable per bale price. I do not have longer term hay storage, but I do have the ability to deliver within a reasonable distance of Thetford. Thanks….Jake Guest / Killdeer Farm 

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