I used a BCS rotary power harrow(if this is the implement you are referring to) and a flail mower for low-till production. The rotary power harrow incorporates cover crop into the top two inches of soil and the flail mower chops the cover crop quite finely, so it is more easily incorporated. This is low-till, rather than no-till. BCS makes a roller crimper which is a no-till implement. I have only used the roller crimper at field scale where flail mowing first was very effective in a no-till system. The two-wheel BCS tractor would get the same result with a roller crimper and flail mower.

Lynda Prim
Intervale Conservation Nursery Manager
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Subject: BCS disk harrow


Does anyone have experience/insight on using a disk harrow attachment for a BCS? Curious to hear what folks think of its effectiveness and role within a low-till system.


Ava Murphey
UVM Catamount Farm- Farmer Training Program
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