SUPERB photos, you two!  Thanks for sharing.  Ruth Stewart
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Thanks Terri for sharing!  
The only Leonard's Skipper I encountered during the butterfly survey, 2001-2006, was that it found me!  I was seated one evening after a strenuous hike and, and what do you know, a Leonard's Skipper perched on a Red Clover blossom a hand's length away!  
Note the date. 2004-08-22, only two day's difference.
Cheers, Roy Pilcher
Skipper, Leonard's #01e, Pittsford Recreation Area, Pittsford VT, 2004-08-22.jpg

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Today while walking a dirt road in Shaftsbury, this female Leonard’s Skipper graced me with her presence.
I think this is the 2nd one I have ever seen. 
Terri Armata