Hey y’all!


As those of you who were at the meeting on Wednesday were informed of, there is an opportunity to help with a rain garden instillation in Milton, VT. If you don’t know exactly what a rain garden is, check this link out and head to page 3 (keep an eye out for my name on the front cover too!). The garden will help meet Milton’s Phosphorus Control Plan requirements, which are part of regulations that mandate towns complete projects to divert phosphorus in stormwater runoff from Lake Champlain.


If anybody is willing/able to volunteer, here are some more details:


If you are interested, have any questions, have any concerns about timing, etc. just email me at [log in to unmask] . Looking forward to hearing back from some of you and thank you in advance for donating your time to help out a local community and our dear, dear lake.  






Catherine Brockner

University of Vermont Class of 2022

B.S. Civil Engineering

Project Manager, UVM Engineers Without Borders