It was amazing to see so many of you at our first meeting last week!! Our next meeting is this Wednesday at 7pm in Perkins 003, and this will be our regular meeting time/place for this semester.

Last time (9/8)…

  *   Introduced ourselves and the club
  *   Gave an overview of our international project

     *   Off-grid solar power system at Lohada orphanage/school in Arusha Tanzania
     *   We are partnering with a school there called KIITEC for the design

  *   Talked about our goals for the semester

     *   Need to do lots of fundraising! Come next week with ideas
     *   Start a local project
     *   Connect with the national chapter of EWB

  *   Rain Garden Installation Event (this Wednesday!)

     *   See Cat’s email from Thursday 9/9

This time (9/15)…

  *   Go over Tanzania project in more detail
  *   Start brainstorming fundraising ideas

See you Wednesday!
Brigid (she/her)