Hey all!

I have a couple pieces of very exciting news! First, we sent off the Lohada project summary document to our partners at KIITEC! So now it's really crunch time to fundraise a lot of money so we can buy the solar system materials and go on the implementation trip. Also, a representative from the EWB professional chapter will be joining us at this week's meeting! Speaking of this week's meeting... we will again be in Perkins 107 at 7pm on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last week and helped brainstorm some great fundraising ideas. Keep your eyes out for an email from our fundraising director, Jared, who will be sending out a form to vote for your favorite fundraising ideas. The 3 that get the most votes will be our fundraising focus for this semester and we will be starting the planning process this week.

Like last week, if you can't join us in person, you can attend virtually through our MS Team:

I hope you all have been enjoying the great weather we're having, see you Wednesday!

-Brigid (she/her)