We have become concerned about people’s health and well-being over workers’ rights to be be selfish and inconsiderate of others. You , Mitchel, seem not to notice that deeper, highly confirmed, welfare need.


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On Oct 26, 2021, at 12:54 PM, Mitchel Cohen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

 Thousands of CIty workers -- a number of whom have indeed been vaccinated -- say that the mandates are anti-working class, intended to break their unions to the benefit of you know who, and your view will crush their union (I'm not talking about cops, here) while the Left really could make a huge difference in joining the march and demanding health care for all. Some folks are so stuck in their sanctimonious LINE that they've learned nothing from history, once again. Imagine, Science for the People can think of no alternatives other than to fire tens of thousands of workers en masse and send them to the streets. My god, what have we become?


At 02:40 PM 10/26/2021, Sam Friedman wrote:
So you are supporting the right of cop to arrest people and confine them into poorly ventilated cars, and for firemen to breathe life into people, who have not done all they can to be non-infectious?

What is outrageous is the individualistic, self-worshipping movements and their supporters such as yourself who do not understand that solidarity is helping others

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Here's what I wrote in the Comments section at :

I attended and participated in the march across the Brooklyn Bridge. The NYC fire department was out in force; so was a strong off-duty police presence too. But there were MANY -- thousands -- of other municipal workers, unions, medical workers, teachers, sanitation workers, transit workers marching against Covid vaccine mandates -- including a number of people wearing "Black Lives Matter" t-shirts.

True, I cannot stand the voiced politics of SOME of those marchers -- except for their position against being fired from their jobs for opposing Covid vaccine mandates. It's outrageous that the Mayor is ordering thousands of workers -- last year's self-sacrificing heroes! -- to be turned by fiat into this year's pariahs, fired for refusing this particular vaccine. Maybe those workers know something the officials don't! The City's slide into authoritarianism is utterly reprehensible.

Millions of workers know, in their gut, that Biden (whom many voted for) and the NYC government are wrong here -- just plain wrong about all of this. We on the Left and in the Greens (as I am) have the responsibility and the privilege of defending workers against being fired, period, for refusing mandates. If more Left and Green activists would show up, then we all could say, "YES! I can finally feel the socialist solidarity. I don't have to hold my nose and accept the right-wing politics of some of the folks I'm marching with on this issue."

The sign I'd like to see but that was missing from this march (and I'll make one for the next march):

"Socialism, Yes!
Free Health Care for All, Yes!
Capitalist Vaccine Mandates, No!"

Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens / Green Party

At 10:19 AM 10/26/2021, Elliot wrote:
Looks like they scrubbed the comment section. It̢۪s all pro-mandate.
On Oct 26, 2021, at 7:13 AM, ellenrr22 <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

"New York City employees marched on City Hall on Monday in protest of a coming vaccine mandate, shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge as they waved American flags and vowed to leave their jobs rather than comply with the new requirement.

The crowd, which numbered in the thousands, included a large presence of police and firefighters, proudly displaying their stationhouses and precincts. A handful of on-duty paramedics also stopped to join the protest mid-shift.

“I’m here to cheer on my brotherrothers and sisters against a forced mandate,â€ï¿½ Nial O'Shaughnessy, a paramedic who coverss Lower Manhattan, told WNYC/Gothamist."

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