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Dear Colleagues,


I was so impressed with the number of outgoing subawards issued by SPA on behalf of our PIs, I had to share.


Take a look at the attached excel file, comparing F20, FY21 and FY22Q1.


This is one indicator of how UVM engages in external research collaborations!


For more information about the outgoing subaward process and procedure, At time of Proposal and At time of Award, please visit https://www.uvm.edu/spa/outgoing-subawards.


The subaward metrics file will be available on our SPA outgoing webpage.


Thank You,




Brian Prindle, MBA, CRA | Executive Director | Signing Official

University of Vermont

Research Administration and Integrity

Office of the Vice President for Research

340 Waterman | 85 South Prospect Street

Burlington, VT 05405-0160

P: 802-656-1435 | [log in to unmask]



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