Hey all,

We will be meeting on Wednesday at 7pm in Perkins 003.

T-shirts for sale!
In cleaning out our locker and club space we came across a number of freshly screen-printed (by UVM members!) and vintage UVM EWB t-shirts. We will be bringing these shirts to sell at Wednesday's meeting (~$10).
Sample designs:
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LUVMY CLUB fundraiser!
              What? An annual fundraising event run by the UVM Alumni Association
When? Tuesday Feb. 22nd to Tuesday Mar. 1st.
Why? Because EWB is awesome, but we need money to do cool things!
What can I send to my friends and family to ask them to donate? See attached document for copyable message (Can also be found in the EWB Teams files)
How? A purchase portal link (coming soon)

EWB Networking Night
              The EWB Networking night with the professional chapter is Thursday 2/24 at Four Quarter's Brewery in Winooski.
              Can I go if I'm under 21? YES!
              Should I bring my resume? Not necessary, just ask for business cards and email them later if desired.
              What should I wear? The event will be taking place on the outdoor patio so dress warm!

See you all on Wednesday!