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UVMClick has been updated to now accept the most current SF424 subaward form set.  This form set is now located in the SPA Forms Library

The process for inclusion of subaward budgets in your application(s) are listed below:


How to include the new subaward form

·        You CANNOT upload it to Funding Proposal (FP)– You instead enter the subaward on the FP and use the summary budget numbers (Total direct and total indirect)

·        It must be uploaded on SF424 side using the “Import Subaward Budget” activity on the SF424 – you may not be familiar with the activity so I am showing it below.

·        It will then populate the SF424 subaward budget form pages and it will have the subaward UEI

·        It will populate the subaward budget form pages on SF424

·        It will NOT however, populate the UEI, which must be done manually within the SF424 (remember the UEI is required on the top of each budget period page, example if there are five budget periods you would need to enter the UEI five time.)





If you have any questions as it relates to this update, please feel free to reach out to your assigned SPA Research Administrator.


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