Spring is changing. The snow is melting earlier, wildflowers are blooming
sooner, and trees are leafing out faster. We want to learn how an unusual
butterfly that flies only in forests in early spring, the West Virginia
White, is faring—and you can help us find out! Your mission: from now until
early June, locate a patch of rich, hardwood forest, walk a transect
(daily, weekly, whatever works for you), count all the butterflies you
find, and report them to our mission. Even if you don’t find any
butterflies, zeros are essential to report too. Can you break the early or
late record for a West Virginia White sighting? Who will have the highest
count? Can we find them in places they’ve never been recorded? Join the
West Virginia White Watch (go to and help
us find out! Visit the mission data collection site at eButterfly and view
results from other watchers (go to


Kent McFarland (he/him)
Vermont Center for Ecostudies
PO Box 420 | Norwich, Vermont 05055

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