Good evening,

My name is Meg Kandarpa, and I am a rising senior at Cornell University. I'm reaching out to continue the dialogue that began in BP NA Debate regarding finding a college willing to host NAWGMDC (North American Women and Gender Minorities Debate Championship).

NAWGMDC, formally known as NAW*DC, is the only major that is dedicated to creating a space for women and gender minorities (WGM) in debate. This tournament has yet to be held in person since 2019 and served (both physically and virtually) as a space for new and veteran debaters to help uplift the WGM community and provide a safe space for people to express their gender identity however they wish.

This tournament needs to be a priority, not only as a competitive arm for WGM debaters to qualify for the HWS RR, but also to provide a space for WGM to not be burdened with the biases they currently face in the debating world — e.g. speaker point deflation, misogynistic feedback, and overall micro and macro aggressions that push WGM out of the debating space.

Canada has hosted this tournament for the past three years, therefore making it the US's turn to host this tournament. We are hoping to find a school that would be able to host NAWGMDC 2022, and is still locationally accessible to many Canadian schools in Toronto, Montreal, etc. Suggested dates for this tournament (based on competition schedules) are October 7-9, October 21 - 23, and December 2 - 4. 

In regards to support, I and many other WGM leaders in the community are willing to help in the tournament organization and competition as much as possible — this includes Tab, Equity, CA Team, and more. We would just request that a school be willing to organize the physical elements such as hotel blocks, food, and rooms to debate in.

If this is something that your school may be able to host, please let me know and I will be sure to help however I can.

Thank you once again for your time,
Meg Kandarpa

Meghana Kandarpa (she/her/hers)
Cornell University 2023
Industrial Labor Relations B.S.