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Below is a list of the some of the top questions SPA has been asked over the last several months as it relates to post-award grant management.  If you would like additional information or guidance on any of these questions, please reach out to your assigned financial analyst and they would be happy to assist you in proactively managing your sponsored agreements.



Q1:  Is there any additional information required to open an animal or research subject budget line after the award has been setup?

When submitting a rebudget request form to open account code F6003, Animal costs, please remember to reference the approved IACUC protocol number in the “Additional Information” section of the form.  When submitting a request to open account F6104, Research Subject costs, please reference the approved IRB protocol number in the “Additional Information” section of the form. 

For more assistance on what information is needed when submitting a rebudget request, please reference the “Appendix A” tab of the Rebudget Request Form.  This is a helpful guide to make sure you provide the information required to process the request in a timely manner.


Q2: When I do a salary distribution change from a previous fiscal year, what fringe rate will be applied?

Regardless of when the salary was originally posted, salary changes will always post using the current fringe rate in effect at the time of the retro.


Q3:  How do I know if an invoice has been submitted to a sponsor?

Submitted invoices and financial reports can be found in PI Portal under the Financial Documents tab.


Q4: My grant is ending, what types of purchases are appropriate at the end of the grant period?

At the end of the grant period, the Uniform Guidance condition of allocability must be met.  A cost is allocable to a particular federal award if the goods or services involved are assignable to that federal award in accordance with relative benefits received. (2 CFR 200.405(a))

Example: A 24-month computer license is purchased 3 months prior to the end date, necessary to complete the scope of work. The project benefits from 3 months of the license. Cost of the computer license needs to be proportionately allocated, 3 months cost of membership to the project and the remaining 21 months of cost to another non-sponsored source.


Q5:  What are some potential red flags to avoid in post award grant management?


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