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Based on the feedback from SPA staff, departmental research administrators and PIs, SPA went through the process of revising our No Cost Extension (NCE) procedure.  The main goal was to remove duplications, simplify, clarify, and cut unnecessary steps from the process. 

I would like to thank the team of Deb Cannon, Sue Lalumiere, and Kerry Lavalette for assisting in this update and to those we collaborated with SPA central, departmental staff, and a group of academic unit business leaders.  I am ready to share this new procedure with you as attached. 


The main changes are summarized below. 



We will be updating this week all the necessary forms and procedures on the SPA website, and you can start using this new process immediately.  Please know that any NCE’s in process under the old procedure will continue that path. 

You can view any award modification in UVMClick, this will let you know where the NCE is in process and to whom you should follow up if necessary.


Feel free to reach out to myself or your assigned Research Administrator if you have any questions on the new NCE procedure.


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