Hello all,

I would like to draw your attention to some ICE-D 'office hours' that I (Joe Tulenko) will be hosting during the Geological Society of America conference next month in Pittsburgh.

The ICE-D database project (www.ice-d.org) is an effort to organize cosmogenic-nuclide exposure-age data that are useful for, among other things, reconstructing past glacier and ice sheet change, fault-zone activity, landscape evolution, etc. It uses a “transparent-middle-layer” design that solves a number of problems associated with synoptic analysis of geochronology data by enforcing internally consistent calculation of geologic ages across a large data set. At present, the database is fairly complete for Antarctica (www.ice-d.org/antarctica), Greenland (www.ice-d.org/greenland) and alpine glaciers in many parts of the world (www.ice-d.org/alpine), but data is continually being published and there is room for improvement of these and other sub-databases.

The goal of these office hours is to offer a time and place for ICE-D support for current users, but we also encourage anyone interested in the ICE-D project to stop by with questions and ideas about ICE-D, stop by for friendly chat, and even get set up and connected with ICE-D if you are interested and have not yet done so. I will also have some example applications that use ICE-D if folks want to learn a little more about what users can do with ICE-D.

I will be posted up in the lobby of the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel (107 6TH STREET, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, 15222) on Monday Oct. 16th 2:00-6:00pm. The Hotel is approx. 2 blocks west of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the lobby entrance is on 6th Street. Please stop by!

all the best,

Joseph P. Tulenko (he/him) - Postdoctoral fellow
Berkeley Geochronology Center
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