I received many responses to my inquiry regarding motivating clinical
nurses to use the library.  Here are brief summaries of those responses.
One librarian placed 3-ring binders with the library logo on them up on
the units with request forms in them.  She collects these daily and copies
material from the book collection and takes them to the units within 1-2 hrs.
Be visible to the nurses on their units.  Besides above example, also try
going on nursing rounds or clinical librarianship.
Publish library newsletter and other handouts.
Let the nurse know that they are not treated differently than the doctors.
One library surveyed the nurses and found that they wanted the library to
extend its hours, copy articles for the nurses, offer information sessions
on how to find info in the library.  They purchased a computer with Harvard
Graphics, Lotus and WordPerfect for the nurses.  Produce bibs on topics of
interest to the nurses.
Get the support of the nursing administrator and nurse managers.
Take the library to them by taking a book truck to the units or through
Send TACOS to the units.
Some nurses may depend on the nurse manager or nurse educator to disseminate
info to them.
Go and talk to them and find out what they want.
Be a part of the new nurse orientation.
Sit on the nursing library committee, nursing research committee or attend
nursing staff meetings.
Place library info into the nursing newsletter.
Work with nursing management to allow the nurses time to go to the library.
Participate in the nursing journal club.
Produce a publication highlighting articles in the nursing journals (labor
intensive but well received).
Set up an informal nursing informatics SIG with key nursing people such as
the nursing staff development director, clinical nurse specialists, nurse
educators, faculty, etc.
They appreciate personal contact the most.
One librarian made a good point--the nurses often don't know what we have
to offer them so they don't ask.
Thanks to all who responded.  This looks like it is of interest to many of
us.  I encourage anyone on the list who develops or tries a new service and it
is successful to please share it with all of us.  This applies to services to
other customer groups as well.  For instance, I see a similar problem with
physicians who have an office off-campus.  Thanks again.
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