>Does the 53 refer to the angle of descent?  Actually,
>53 degrees sounds to steep for that trail,

S-53 was the name of the CCC side camp that cut the trail in the 30s.

>ps Did Dave Goodman ever develop those pictures from the skivt ski day?
>The group photo, the waterfall, etc.  If yes, how can I see them.

Yup, the damning proof of your lawbreaking deeds is in my red little hands. 

I s'pose this is the appropriate time to tell you all who I REALLY am. I am
D. Goodman, special agent, National Ski Patrol, Sylvan Violations Division.
All of you who skied with me that day -- and I have your photos, so don't try
to make a break for Canada -- will soon be served with summonses to appear in
front of the ski crimes tribunal. Your offense? Too numerous to list, but
suffice it to say that skiing psychotic terrain and woods explorations shall
rate high among them.

I suggest you all hire lawyers. This may get heavy...