After *much* effort, and considerable expense to an unamed company, I succeeded in
downloading and viewing the quicktime movies posted on the skivt-l WWW page.  Most of
this effort involved locating and downloading a version of Quicktime for Windows.  

(Note to Windows users who`d like to use QTW: I am convinced that QTW is 
not in the public domain.  In several archives, QTW has been removed by employees of 
Apple Computer.  If QTW is not shareware, I cannot ftp you a copy or anything like that.
Please don`t ask -- QTW has been purged from my system. That said, let it be known
that QTW is available on the WEB.  Email me for a pointer.  All I can say to a bunch of rope
jumping, run poaching, ticket scamming, practitioners of the ski bum code is let your 
personal sense of ethics guide you.  )

On to the movie review...

These suckers were excellent.  Good music and cool skiing sequences at MRG. The technical and skiing 
talents of skivt-l members are truly something.  This ain`t Warren Miller - it`s better.  No dumb jokes
and better music.  

I think I am going to loop this movie on my system for the entire summer.  Oops, I forgot.  QTW is purged.

John "Siskel" McEvoy