As far as I could tell myself and two unidentified others made up Jay's
telemarkers for tele day.  To make up for SKIVT-L party I wore vast
amounts of wool, including tweed jacket. Many strange looks (well more
than usual). I can't imagine anyone skiing in this stiff at 10F or lower.
Musta have been pre-evolutionary precedent for bark eating! Next year I'll
need to find some wool knee pad covers (those purple $9 Bauer roller-blade
pads looked a little out of place). 

Drove up with German neighbor who thought he remembered way. (No map in 
car of course so 7:30 start got us on slopes by 10:00 AM). 
He also had his new verstec altimeter watch. Unbeknowst (sp?) to me his 
goal for day was to exceed max. *day* vertical at Snowmass two weeks ago.
Tram up. Vermonter closed. Ulr down.  Musta been nice at 9:00 AM.  Good 
ski's no more ULR. 
red up something down
blue up jet down no bumps (fine with blue square telemarker)
blue up haynes down no bumps few mini-death cookies 
alternate jet haynes; bumps down UN bigger than me

ditto ditto ditto .......

2:00 PM  14 runs and 20k vert later had to head back to BTV for early 
dinner engagement. Glad I had to head back before legs turned to 100% lactic 
acid.  So who are these people skiing 100k vert in a day?

Overall snow and cover on open trails was much better than expected. Near 
base and lifts its gettin pretty thin. {WHo decided to but gravel under 
lift accees lanes???}.
More packed powder with 4" or so of fridays storm here or there. No crowds.

Sunday Drove over to lake placid with wife and kids. 
Charlotte_Essex ferry open. 
Northpole closed! 
Santa on spring break.  
Whiteface wasn't (white that is). Open but barely.