Couple of questions come to mind:

1.  How much is MRG losing now?  Haven't we heard on the list that the negative 
cash flow is quite significant?  Certainly this year has not been good.

Finally, what happens whenthe $500K reserve is depleted?

2.  I wonder why the shares go for $1,500 with a $6,000 per maximum.  Rather 
than trying to lure a relatively small number of well-heeled Descente-wearing 
Mercedes-driving Buchanan-voting lawyer types, wouldn't it have made more 
sense to sign up large number of green plain wearing, right thinking, 
beer-swilling, big hearted true believers?  It's eternal question of elitism vs 
democracy, mainframes vs distributed processing . . .

3.  Is this MRG scheme going to work?

Just curious.