On Fri, 21 Jul 1995, Marc Kristopher Guido wrote:

> > I need to know as much as I can find out about Ski's Dynastar, Look 
> > Bindings, Kerma Poles, orginal sin snow boards and Lange boots and quick.
> Any chance you can narrow this down a bit?  What type of info do you
> want?

1) They are a french company that make foam core skis, how long have they 
been around? 

2) Any estimates of Dynastar ski, look binding & Lange boot market share?
(Have you ever tried to find this type of data from databases? Where do I 

3) Their tele/radonee ski's seem to have better (i.e fantastic) reviews 
than alpine (true/false?)

4) They sell better in Europe then US of A?

5) Tommy Moe was using Dynastar ski's, Lange boots and Marker bindings 
for gold medal?

6) Are look bicycle bindings distributed through Dynastar as well as look 
ski bindings?

7)  How do you pronounce Dynastar?  Denastar of dinastar?



PS If I get the job it'll be my treat for Ben & Jerry's at the 2nd annual!