To Our dear friend the writer( and the kid in all of us ):

Does it take devine inspiration, or pure perspiration to write a knock'em
dead, wow article about skiing when the temperature in Burl. is 90+ ??
Inquiring minds want to know :-)

We all know (from experiencing 1st hand)that the tape recorder hears all.
Does the sound of your voice and that of your 'subjects' bring you back to
day of endless powder and the white silence that befalls ones ears as we(
well maybe you )  enter the solitude of the woods? Or was it (in the case of
the skivt-l party) the sound of the splash as Rick & Jay buried their skiis
in the river!!

Share with us what allows the ability to perform such wonderous illusions to
the reader (who thinks you wrote the article on the chairlift...did you?

BTW it could be as simple as the desire for a roof overhead and food on the

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