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>Actually at Petersburg Pass (Taconic Trails) the lodge was at the bottom of
>ski area at the pass, there was about 600 vertical. The confusion is that
>cut trails down to the valley floor below the base lodge. I don't remember
>they ever put in a lift or went broke right after cutting the trails. 
>Interestingly the new trails gave them 1600 vertical which would have been
>the largest in the Berkshires.

If this is the place near Williamstown, MA, it has become something of a
powder preserve for western Mass. locals. I've heard stories of the great
walk-up skiing that's been preserved there. 

David Goodman
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Hi Josh and others,

Do you know how many committed shareholders there are in the MRG coop?
How many more are needed?  What is the deadline? etc.

I have already committed for one share,  I wish I could afford more.
If I have to I will put myself in more debt for additional shares. 

For those who ski at Mad River and are undecided in the venture, please
please please join.  There are too many dedicated people for the Coop
to ever fail.

Chris Khamnei