On October 2, the vehicular access point into the buildings housing
classrooms and offices at University Heights will be changed.  The new
access will be via the Athletic Complex located off Spear Street.  The
current access point for the University area located off of Main Street
will be closed effective this date. 

The change is occurring to address safety issues related to vehicular 
movement and pedestrian conflicts as well as address residential privacy 

I want to remind pedestrians that the safest places to cross Main Street 
are the tunnel and at the light at University Heights and Main Street.  A 
new paved walkway has been constructed along University Heights to 
accomodate pedestrian traffic.

If you have any questions related to this change, please do not hesitate 
to contact me directly via e-mail or at 656-8787.  Thank you for your 
assistance and cooperation. 

Kathy Seaman                               * 
Director, Transportation and Parking       *   
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