Howdy folks - 

October 28th is Make a Difference Day, a National Day of Service.  This 
will be a great day to do some team building, to do some effective 
service work, to START to make a difference.

So, if you are interested please get in touch with VIA at 656-0789....

There will be food, speakers and lots of work.

Also, November 1st is the Blue Lights Campaign, a time to support 
_support_ for AIDS research.  Come march with the UVM community to show 
your support.  Meet at Marsh Lounge at 7 PM on November 1st.  Mark it in 
your calendar today!

			"When I dare to be powerful-
		to use the strength in the service of my vision,
		   Then it becomes less and less important
			   whether I am afraid."
					-Audre Lorde