Bob et al,

Thank you for your input.  The systolic velocities increased form 5.6 to 45
cm/s on the Rt. and from 14 to 62 cm/s on the Lt.  Diastolic flow was absent
preinjection but became continuous and RETROGRADE!(-5cm/s on Lt.; -10cm/s on
Rt).  This is why I suspect distal disease.  If the Corpora are acting like a 
Windkessel and inflate during diastole, and if distal resistance is high (ie 
the blood has nowhere togo), then as diastole progresses the gradient reverses
and blood backs out of the corpora to another tissue bed with less resistance 
(or an AV-fistula -admittedly this is a stretch).

Please revisit this.

PS.  The sites are 2 in number, .25cc per corpora.  Twice the fun in half the

Steve Knight RVT
FAHC (University of Vermont)