I have a copy of that Columbia University study somewhere. It would be nice
to see it on a server sometime, it was a nice study. Also, the NCLIS study
you refer to I have somewhere. We were involved in some of the early
discussions for that project at the Library of Congress. One of the things
that was interesting about it was the survey they conducted, that showed
the relationships between community networks and public libraries. The
survey was conducted to illumnate internet connectivity to public libraries
and to help the library community advocated to preserve LSCA funding which
was under attack.

You can call NCLIS in DC and get that library study I would think.

I'm curious, you were interested in assessments of community networks. What
would your assessment criteria be?


Richard Civille

>I have been reading the Rand study on email, and it refers (Chapter 5 -
>civic networking)  to a study done
>during 1994 by students in a course at Columbia University Public Policy
>Program.  I remember seeing a webpage with some details on this, a while
>back, but after spending 8 hours and trying a variety of search engines I
>admit defeat.
>The study was used in a document by the National Commission on
>Libraries (1994).  I was wondering if anyone new whether the 1994 study,
>the course listing from Columbia (which I swear I saw at one time), or
>the text from a subsequent article (not the abstract) in _Internet
>Research_ can be obtained. Thanks!
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