Not sure how many Senators are on this list, or anyone else for that 
matter.  But I hope to see you all Tomorrow, Tuesday, at this meeting.  
Please ask your professors to attend the meeting.  See you there...


Subject: the very big tuesday thing 


Ok, so by now you all know about the VERY IMPORTANT faculty senate 
meeting on Tuesday at 4:15 pm in Fleming Museum Theater, right?  The very 
important meeting in which the faculty women's caucus is trying to get 
the senate to vote to CENSURE president salmon and provost lowe for their 
ineffective leadership around racism and diversity on this campus?

Well, this is, of course, an opportunity for us to stand up and say that 
opportunity to support a censure vote, basically a vote of no confidence, 
that would bring national attention onto racism on this campus and would 
allow us to search for "leaders" who might be capable of letting go of 
some of their white supremacist power in the interest of students and 
humynity. . .

So, if you could try and make it to the meeting to be a part of a vocal 
and visual presence, it would be fabulous.  There should be some people 
there that will have info to hand out to faculty and others.  But there 
need to be LOTS of people to send a message that will be heard!  So, tell 
your friends, announce it in your classes, and try and get people there.

ALSO try and talk to your professors about going and speaking.  See where 
they stand.  Hold them accountable.  Because it is faculty that can speak 
at this meeting, and faculty that vote.  Students have no room, no 
voice.  So, we have to try and get faculty there.  So, tell your friends 
and classes to tell their professors too.

See you at 4:15 on TUESDAY at the FLEMING MUSEUM!

in struggle,

			 		           open your FACE up
						      ++ s.e.w. ++