Millard and Interested Others:
On Mon, 4 Mar 1996 06:53:19 -0500 Millard Johnson
>... the paperless library is a good idea is because all
information loses when it goes from paper to electronic
form is paper (and a little > ink.)...
The linear nature of the print book or  journal article and
its extreme portability and lack of dependence on a live
wire (unless you include the reader) all reinforce its
primacy as a tool for study and the gradual process of
knowledge acquisition and understanding, as opposed to
mere access to lots of data.  Why would one support a
library without such a time-tested and useful technology!
Rather, why not provide access to ALL the technologies
as appropriate to the scope, purpose and goals of the
USERS. Why not provide access to electronic products
(journals, tables of contents, abstracts/indexes,
reference works, whatever) AS WELL AS videos and
audio cassettes and also print books and print journal.
Why does it have to either/or?
Jerry Perry
[Who is decidedly NOT a Luddite!]
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