I came across this reference lately:
Nicoll, Leslie H. et al.
Bibliography database managers : A comparative review.
Computers in Nursing Vol. 14(1):45-56 1996
I agree to the articles "overall recommendation": Reference Manager.
Kind regards,
Anne-Marie Haraldstad
National Hospital
Medical Library and Information Center
Oslo, Norway
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>The information center of the Quebec Hospital Association is presently
>looking for bibliographic management software for our Novell network.
>We're considering the Windows version of ProCite, Reference Manager and
>These are characteristics we are looking for:
>- compatible with WordPerfect,
>- downloading references from Ovid (Health CD-ROM) and Medline (Dialog=
>- easy to use by 10 non-information specialists who want to SHARE
>bibliographic databases.
>We're interested to know about your experiences and recommandations.
>Thanks in advance.
>Virginie Jamet et B=E9n=E9dicte Nauche