First of all I'd like to kindly apologize for the long delay in
posting this news item.
      I realize that maybe a lot of MLA members who receive the MLA
News may well have overlooked a significant news item that is in the
latest issue (Feb., 1996), specifically on p. 12.  As is a bad habit
of most of us, we usually only read the Chapter Highlights that
concerns our chapter and usually overlook the news of the other
      Well, this time at the annual Midcontinental Chapter meeting, I believe we
have a MLA historical first.  The reader will note the last sentence
of the MCMLA meeting announces a wedding announcement, yeah that's right
a WEDDING took place at our meeting.  The bride was Lynn Fortney who is a
"top Noncho" at EBSCO and the groom was Scott Plutchak, who is now
Director  of the Lister Hill Library at the U. of Alabama Birmingham.
      So before going any further,  since this is reported in the MLA
News,  the following  isn't another one of those "Urban Myths"
       Their wedding took place at the Welcoming  Reception in a very
delightful setting of an outdoor garden situated behind the historic
Simpson House.  The Simpson House is a three story stone mansion that
was buit in 1909.  Music at this event was provided by two the the
Chapter's members--Cheryl Pace playing the harp and Marian Craig
playing the flute.  It trully was a gala event.
       This took place on September 26, 1995.  So you all please mark
you calendar to remember sending them an Anniversary card.
       Scott and Lynn then hosted a celebrating party Thursday
evening.  What surprised most of us there was Scott is very musically
talented.  In fact he plays the lead guitar in a band he formed
during his stay in St. Louis call Liquid Prarie.  Yes, his band drove
over from St. Louis to play together for the last time.
        You talk about the atypical stereotype of a
librarian--woooooooooweeeeeeeeee what a wild evening.  Oh yes,
Scott's lead bass guitar was none other than Key Oyer the Chapter's
Chair-elect.  In your Roving Reporter's mind he'll gladly pit our
Chapter's music talent up against any other Chapter's.  I only wish I
could revive this same band for MLA.  Ladies and gentlemen "fer
shure" you'd have an old fashion foot staomping bang up time.
        There was one small problem that started off the evening.
Right at the start of the evening  after a few  warm up pieces,  Scott
broke the G string on his guitar.  But no fear his trusty wife was there to save
him.  She instantly whipped out her G string for Scott and the show was on full
blast.   Oh yes, Lynn has a very muscially talented daughter, Marian
Earnest, who sang to both her Mom and new Dad.  In the final analysis
it was an evening of fun that was had by opne and all in attendance.
       Hopefully both Scott and Lynn will be at MLA so you might want to give 'em a
belated congratulations for making a MLA historical first.  Oh yes,
if I'm wrong please correct me on this.  Oh yes, Scott did write a
song for Lynn.  To cut this column short  your "Roving Reporter" will
share the lyrics of this song  with you tomorrow.
                                     MCMLA's "Roving Reporter"
                                     (To be continued tomorrow)