I am also planning to get a scanner.  Photocopying
any materials and sending them to medical staff via in-house e-mail
system or Internet will reduce a great deal of expenses and waste of
paper.  Do you know which brand is good and its cost?
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On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Jean Shumway wrote:
> I too am interested in this topic.  We are also looking into purchasing a
> scanner for the library and need justification.
> Jean Shumway
> The University of Iowa
> Department of Radiology
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>      Dear Medlibbers:
>      I would like to know the various uses you have found for your
>      scanners.  We are looking at purchasing one and need to make sure we
>      have identified all of its potential benefits before presenting the
>      idea to the finanical people.  Appreciate any advice you can provide.
>      TIA
>      Mary Janeck, Medical Librarian
>      St. Marys Hospital Medical Center
>      Madison WI
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