On February 21 we opened our Health Resource Center at Swedish Medical =
Center in Seattle, Washington.  I'm interested in finding a good source =
for reviews of consumer health books, videos, etc. Would also appreciate =
recommendations of such items  Alan Reese's book is good, but many books =
are already out of print.=20
 Any suggestions--specific periodicals, databases, Dialog files....  Any =
specific jobbers who have good selections?
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Sent:   Wednesday, March 06, 1996 10:32 AM
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Subject:        Consumer health databases
My hospital has FINALLY decided to set up a "consumer health resource
center".  I'm trying to locate sources for consumer health databases.  I
know about Health Reference Center on Infotrac and MDX Health Digest.
Can anyone provide me with the names and phone numbers/addresses of any
others?  TIA, Janice
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