We use a Fujitsu scanner and M/Series Professional Software from Caere, which
was bought by Calera last year.  We have been very satisfied with the results
WHEN DOCUMENTS ARE OF GOOD QUALITY. It's the middlin'-to-lousy quality that
gets problematic. I am working in a corporate setting where people, especially
high-level-executive-type-people, seem to expect a scanner to produce perfect
files at the touch of a button. In fact, mediocre-to-poor documents take a
good amount of editing and retyping to produce ASCII files. I find that user
education is a big part of my job in this area. For "user education" read:
"Correcting impression left by scanner sales rep."
As discussed before on this list--image files (TIFFs etc.) are not such a
problem.  In a corporate environment it is ASCIIs that people want and usually
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