We use a scanner in interlibrary loan to scan articles which we send to
other libraries via Ariel.  In other areas in the library, scanners are
used to include better quality images in library publications, and for
the creation of posters and slide shows.....
Lisa A. Eichholtz
Reference Librarian
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC  29407
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>      Dear Medlibbers:
>      I would like to know the various uses you have found for your
>      scanners.  We are looking at purchasing one and need to make sure we
>      have identified all of its potential benefits before presenting the
>      idea to the finanical people.  Appreciate any advice you can provide.
>      TIA
>      Mary Janeck, Medical Librarian
>      St. Marys Hospital Medical Center
>      Madison WI
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