>Come to think of it... Sylvan Knob near Gaylord (or was it Nubs knob?)
>also had a real jump built into one of the hills as well.  Then there was
>the one that was originally in Stowe...  ahhh, life before insurance
>companies... No wonder we don't have any jumpers to speak of in the
>Olympics any more.

Speaking of, I recently found this posted somewhere:

April 20th , Sugarbush:
THE GELENDE BIG AIR CONTEST! - Watch from the deck at the North Base Lodge
as skiers and snowboarders alike catch huge air off of the Gelande!
Competitors are judged on largeness of air, difficulty of trick and
smoothness of landing. A great spectator event for those of all ages!!

Stowe apparentlt has a Super Big Air event coming up soon, too...but for
snowboarders only, far as I know. Gelende jumping is just plain nuts, from
what I've seen on TV. Basically, ski jumping on alpine equipment, usually
by drunk Austrians.

Wesley I don't do air Wright