Smuggler's Post-Sat.

There is no spring there - groomed trails were nice but hard, FIS was rock
hard with the ugliest placed bumps I've hit all season.  I figure at this
rate FIS should be great about July.

Stowe Post-Sunday

Wes said:

>Surfaces were marvelous for
>the upper half, but still pretty rock hard for the second half. Soft snow
>for the last 100 feet before the gondola.

I'm not sure marvelous was a best word here.  I think Smuggler's has done a
better job of grooming the surface-I know grooming makes it melt faster but
setting the tillers a tad deeper would really help!

>Last run down, it *was* pounding snow. There is no spring in the North

Snowing heavily all the way down to Midd. this am.  It looks like November
out.  Send food from the sunny south - we're down to the last dog and he's
looking hungier than us. (It's a joke.)


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