At 2:59 PM 4/7/96, Wesley Alan Wright wrote:
|Jonathan called me THursday night, told me that MRG report claimed 1 ift,
|8 trail, did I still want to go. I said I dunno. Scartached my head all
|night, called every snow phone, checked the font of all wisdom (skivt-l,
|of course), couldn't decide. Jonathan called me Friday morning from the
|road. Deciding factor: we both had Mad Money left to burn.

Deciding factor:  I've never regretted deciding to ski at Mad River rather
than some other place.

|Burn it we did. Jonathan was the third car into the parking lot, I was the
|fourth (by days end, I counted 19).

Jonathan was FIRST car in parking lot at 9:30 AM!

I echo the rest of Wes' comments with no corrections or comment.

One other thing to add about that day.  While it is usual to ski Mad River
without many other people around during the week, this was the most empty I
think I've ever experienced!

We also thrilled to a wildlife contact in the form of a huge raven with at
least a four foot wing span.  He flew close to the Single and seemed to
keep pace with the chair as we ascended Gen. Stark's mountain.  At about
the mid station, the raven broke off and began riding thermals as he
spiraled slowly upward.  At one point he was just a speck in the
southeastern sky.  As we rode over the cliff near the top of chute, he
suddenly appeared next to us.  It was amazing how quickly he re-appeared
next to us a moment after he looked like he was somewhere near Roxbury Gap.
A few flaps of his huge wings and he was on the other side of the
mountain.  Another benefit of few people, no snowmaking, and the
peacefulness of MRG.

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