Made the trip up to Maine Sat and Sunday.  I hit Sugarloaf on Saturday.
 Temps were in the 50's.  The gondola runs from 3000-4230 feet, so it was the
place to be.  Snow depths were, of course, mind-boggling.  They've had a
solid 6 feet this month, the depth at the top had to be at least 8-10 feet.
 The snowfields were totally open, they're much larger than the chin at
Stowe, though not as steep.  And the lift goes to the top. I was in heaven
snowboarding, conditions were heavy corn, but no bumps in the snowfields.
 Overall, the best day of spring skiing I've had in the East.  It was
inspiring just to look up from the valley and see the stark whiteness of the

By the way, the loaf was going to close last weekend, but Les Otten decreed
they stay open till May 5.  It's probably just a marketing ploy, but I gotta
thank the guy.  They definitely are not making money, most of the lifts were
running "ghost" with nobody on the chairs.

Sunday I tied the board on my pack and went hiking at Saddleback.  With a
base elevation of 2500 feet, the snow was several feet deep at the bottom of
the ski area.  Forgetting my snowshoes in Boston (bonehead), it took me 2
hours of augering in to get the top at 4150'.  At the summit I was confronted
with an entire mountain buried under an overhead base of snow, with
completely untracked suncups on every inch of every trail!! It's snowed at
least 5 feet there since the lifts closed. There are a couple sweet chutes on
the backside about 50 degrees steep, but they're only as long as Profanity,
and the trees are too tight to go any farther at the bottom.  I took a couple
runs down the small snowfields and frontside and limped back to my car.  The
best part was having an entire 4000 mountain all to myself, I didn't see
another soul the whole time (did see a couple moose).  If you ever head up to
Sugarloaf area, check this place out, it's my favorite mountain.

I would just like to suggest to everyone that even though most of your
friends are now saying things like "why are you still going skiing, it's
summer!!" or some BS like that, it is our responsibility to go out there to
the local mountain, Tucks, whatever, and enjoy this epic snow year!!  We may
never see snow this deep again.  If you need a reminder, just look at
Mansfield snow depth chart for last year.  

"Let Jah arise...."