First the routine, I also skied Jay on 4/7, scratchy, with intermittant blue
ice, to start, then a microburst dropped an 1", then it was hidden scratchy.
But the best was yet to come!

Monday 4/8, arrived to find 6" on the blue beast (for those not in the know,
this is an old air force surplus truck for use by the ski patrol, snow
reports are usually referenced to how much new snow fell on the blue beast
which sits in front of the patrol room; usually more reliable than Conrad's
reports (Wesley can your system communicate with decrepit auto's)). Up top
there was 8-12" of new snow.  The bottom 1-2" was wet and mash potatoey
(probably from settling on top of a warm base) but the top powder was light
and kinda fluffy (not as fluffy as two weeks ago Sunday, but that was off
the scale). Having cleared my work schedule for the day since hearing about
this storm coming, I was psyched.  Up the blue chair, first tracks on Jet,
up again, first tracks Haynes, up again, first tracks Derrick's.  Where is
everybody? Who cares, more for me (turns out a bus skidded off the road and
blocked Rte. 242 for about an hour, thus keeping the other powderhounds at
bay (hmmm, I wonder if this could be arranged in the future.) As it was
between both parking lots there was probably less than 100 cars).  Up again
first tracks Timbucktoo (snow definitely better in the woods, where the base
is cooler because of lack of sunlight), up again, first tracks Kitz and
Hell's Woods, this is fun! Up the Red chair, third tracks Canyonland
(darn!).  You get the picture, almost all day I rarely had to ski in someone
else's tracks (except for supposed friends stealing my line, at one point we
had groups of 6-10 going nutso, and the competion for lines became intense).

As the day warmed, the snow at lower elevations became stickier and clumpier
(I'll kiss the first person who comes up with a full proof method of keeping
snow from building up under the toe of a telly boot), but up top and in the
woods the snow remained in pretty good shape (minor clumping).

If you get this post in time, call in sick tommorrow, I didn't track up all
the mountain (my last run was out beyond Timbucktoo, trackless except for
the traverse back).

Thank you Snow God Scott for answering my prayers.

And nothing broke today.

Telly(enjoying the endless winter)dude