Where's the snow?

  Things didn't look good whild driving along I89 through New
Hampshire to Vermont late afternoon on Saturday.  Most of the ski
areas we could see from the highway were already closed for the
season.  But hey, we were heading to The Big K, makers of snow, open
late in the season, etc...Things had to be good there, no?

A bleak outlook...

  Mike and Barry, of previous GUTS fame, and Phoebe (a beginner
friend) were already there, having left on Friday after work and
skiing Saturday.  From what they said it sounded like our delayed
arrival was a smart move - the conditions had been reasonable in the
morning, but were just plain skied-off and icy in the afternoon.  They
had even been thinking of calling us and telling us not to bother
coming.  But, it was snowing/sleeting as we all left the restaurant
after dinner.  Ah, maybe that storm *was* going to hit after all...

Meeeeeeeeeerry Easter!

  Yep, by morning there were several inches of wet snow on the car.  A
good omen!  Off we went to the Skyeship base for its last day of
operation for the ski season.  Tickets were still full price ($48) -
thank goodness for those Mobil coupons!  For some reason, they refused
to sell tickets *inside* the lodge (they muttered something about not
being able to rotate their chairs to do this).  Of course, the guy who
told this to us was the same guy who sold Mike his ticket - *inside* -
the day before.  Apparently, several people were complaining at the
customer service desk.

Kross-Kountry Kriss-Kross

  Well, to get over to where we wanted to ski (Snowdon), we needed to
cross the mountain on the green trails with a beginner in the midst.
That means flat trails *all* the way.  Ugh.  <Grumble> I just don't
see why flat trails are considered to be "easy" trails <Grumble>.  Ah,
welcome to Killington (but then, I shouldn't complain since there is a
parking lot at Snowdon, so, I guess you makes your choices and you
lives with them!).

GUTS rides again....

  It didn't take long...As soon as we were on the Snowdon Quad (nice,
padded seats!), the guys started eyeing the trees.  Okay, okay, so did
I!  :-)  Mike and Greg were the first to venture into the woods, to
scout things out, and Barry and I were soon following them.  Guido's
Ugly Tree Skiers ride again!  Lots 'n lots of freshies!  Lots and lots
of Ugly skiing going on!  It didn't seem like anyone else was in there
except us!  After the first set of dense, steep woods, I opted for the
less-steep woods on the lower portion of the mountain.  I banged up a
knee while catapulting over somethin-or-other and had a close call
with my wrist, but, no major damage done (whew!).

Menage a tree...

  Now, the guys were another story!  Ah, the tales that come out of
the upper woods.  All I can gather from what was told later, is that
Greg had some sort of affair with a tree or two (I wonder if I should
be jealous - Hmmmmmm!).  Barry emerged wearing a spruce branch in his
goggle-band after one run where he had a "run-in" with a tree.  These
boys are dangerous.  But, then, they're GUTS!

Splattered GUTS....

  On the way back to the Skyeship base lodge, we hit the flats on the
lower portion of the mountain.  As I grumbled along, Mike suddenly
jumped out onto the trail from behind a tree yelling "AMBUSH!!!".  I
just grumbled at him and watched him quite ungracefully (and quite
unintentionally) fall onto the trail.  Helped my spirits immensely!!
HeeheeheeheeheeHahahahahah!  8-)

The GUTS Family Singers present....

  The following song, sung to the tune "I'm a Girl Watcher" from a
loooooong time ago, kept running through my head - I can't imagine
why (why? why? why?):

	I'm a GUTS Pinecone.
	I'm a GUTS Pinecone.
	Watching GUTS go by.
	Why? Why? Why?

	I'm a GUTS Pinecone.
	I'm a GUTS Pinecone.
	Here come GUTS now...

Buy the GUTS CD now, while quantities last!  :-)  :-)

-Marcia Ruklic ([log in to unmask])  GUTS member, and proud of it!!!