At 3:01 PM 4/9/96, Jason Loven wrote:
|How are the conditions at MRG for us blue-square types? I've
|heard stories of horrible crust/ice/death-cookies/exposed-antlers
|and I'm hoping to make this outing a pleasant one<g>.

Last Saturday (4/6/96), the conditions on the intermediate terrain were
excellent.  The sunshine was pretty much unobstructed all morning and in
April, full sun = corn!  Intermediate trails I sampled included Bunny,
Upper Antelope, Quacky, Lower Gazelle and some stuff over in Birdland.  I
can also say that Chipmunk Bowl is pretty much kaput, as well as lots of
the lower double stuff like Snail and Periwinkle.  If there was much
accumulation from the most recent storm(s), it would help the intermediate
stuff out over there quite a bit.

|And...the next most obvious question...howz-bout accomodations for
|the budget-minded skier? I need a place for my lovely wife and I
|to rest ourselves on Friday (and maybe Saturday) night. Packaging
|with a lift ticket for each of us might be cool as well. Thoughts?

A real cheap place with nice hospitality is The Golden Lion on Route 100 at
the foot of the Sugarbush Access road.  Try the Mad River Barn, too.

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