Freshies and Free tickets: now that's April Skiing!

Local weather reports indicated that indeed, south and east was the place
to go, but what do weatehr people know about Jay? Squat.

At 10:00 AM, Tram, Jet Triple, and T-bars were in full operation. I led
free-pass-benefactor Walter on down Urrl's to warm up. 2-6" of powder,
howling winds, blowing blizzard snow. Jumped into Beaver Glades for fresh
tracks, featuring a more consistent 6" of powder. Deep, but not too deep.
Heavy, but not too heavy. Fun, but it was obvious that couple days ago,
these glades had been skied out.

Second run investigated Valhalla. About the same, lines maybe not as good
as Beaver Pond.

Third run, Walter -- hindered by only one previous day on skis this year,
opted to cruise a little with his wife Hope, also on skis for only the
second time this year (I keep telling them to sell the house and kids, but
they never listen). I aimed for Dogpatch, but in the poor visibility, I
missed it completely and found myself in upper Everglade. Again, about the
same: fresh tracks in today's snow, but Tuesday's and Monday's snow
underneath showed just too much traffic for my glutonous tastes.

Finally, on run four, I successfully entered Dogpatch, and continued on
through, across some marked trail (name withheld to protect the guilty),
and down into what -- until Teledude and Guido tell me otherwise -- I shall
call L'il Abner.

This was the hidden Shrinelands of SnowGod Scott that I had been searching
for. Random pole soundings indicated 27"-40" of soft pliable surface.
Actual ski penetration was about half that, owing to the density of the
snow. Surface disturbances indicated only two or three other previous
tracks -- one on snowboard -- dating back probably to early Monday. Lines
seemed to stretch on forever. Forget Valhalla, I had found Nirvana.

Apparently, however, I was insufficiently pious. Next run, I cruised down
Vermonter with Hope and Walter to take a look at Stateside. I knew that my
find wasn't going anywhere -- checks with the ski patrol indicated that
Guido and the 'dude had not checked in, the blizzard continued to blow, I
could return to the Shrinelands at anytime without worry of crossing any
but my own tracks. How wrong I was.

Stateside held nothing of real interest compared to the Jana's Greek
Vegitarian sandwhich that lie waiting for me in the Tram base. After a run
down Timbuktu (moguls just a little two big and snow just a little too
shallow to the left of those funny orange markers, better to the right), I
headed back towards the tram. While crossing lower PowerlineNotATrail,
gentle rolling bumps and soft, totally untracked snow started to chant to
me: "Wesley! Wesley! Ski me! Ski Me!"

It was the voice of the devil, or an angry snowgod. I took three turns down
the left side before I discovered the deception, all too late. What looked
like powder was indeed powder, but what looked like moguls were rocks and
stumps and brimstone. One of them grabbed me and threw me to the ground as
would Hulk Hogan. Landed full force on my right thigh, exactly where I kept
my wallet and car keys.

I lay in pain for several minutes before I could unclench my teeth enough
to consider standing. The blow knocked out all the sensors in my leg,
rendering the muscle unable to respond to orders. Finished the run in slow,
painful Herb-goob S turns. Limped into lodge around 2:00 P.M.

Sandwich and three aspirin later, I figured the only way to heal was to
head back out. Tram had closed for the day, so I staggered over to the
Green chair. Trail under chair still only had about 4 sets of tracks -- an
attestment to the tiny crowd of faithful at the mountain this day. Managed
five more runs down mostly easy stuff (like Flash -- where did that come
from?) that I usually never bother with, but with 6" of soft untracked
surface, I couldn't ignore. Tried Expo woods, but it proved way too
challenging, as I could only manage right turns.

Funny how even when you can't walk, you can still ski.

Why can't every day be Saturday?

Wesley (glad my boss understands this is why I moved to Vt) Wright