I wish to publically congratulate Josh Tower for being re-elected to the
Mad River Glen Cooperative Board of Directors at this past weekend's Annual
Shareholder's meeting.

Way to go, Josh!  If we assume that a significant part of Josh's
shareholder constituency resides here on this list, we can rest easy that
our viewpoints and opinions will continue to be excellently represented on
the Board.

While I don't want to provide a summary of the shareholder's meeting here,
I want to comment on one aspect.  In describing Josh's contributions to the
Board, it was noted that he has been the Board's 'computer guy' and has
been active on the 'Net in disseminating information, managing and
upgrading MRG's website move from the cybersplatted Cybermalls to, as well as selling shares and participating in marketing

A specific mention by a board member was Josh's recruiting of the SNOWGOD
SCOTT as a shareholder.  I think the exact comment was something like, "He
even sold a share over the Internet to someone in Ohio who had never even
skied here.  We need more efforts like this".  So, SNOWGOD SCOTT had a
'virtual' appearence at the Shareholder's meeting.  No doubt that homage
contributed to his most recent beneficence with this April dump!

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