$10.00 lift tickets

2 minute lift lines (max)

Pounding snow, 200 foot visibility. Yes, snow. No rain. Just snow, All day.

Freshies in the woods.

A perfect day?

Well, not quite. Freshies in the woods meant 2"-3" smooth whipped cream on
..5" crust on bottomless snowball-making snow. OK in the easy woods where
you could apply a gentle touch. Disasterous in tough woods where one's own
effort would break the crust or one's own laziness would cast one into
another's ruts.

On groomed trails, conditions were pretty good. Best-of-day was Perry Merrill.

On ungroomed, it was more like a bad bechmel sauce, smooth cream mixed with
big, hard lumps. This was most evident on last run of day down "Old
National" to Liftline to "Old Midway" bailout to lower Lookout. Best was
what little of Nosedive bypass was open on into and through Glades. Lower
Glades were too ruttted.

Best woods? Not telling. Good enough that even Darling Debbie and the
Doctor enjoyed them.

Worst of day? Upper Nosedive. Day two of Sugar Slalom meant 75% of the days
traffic was scraping snow down into the glades. Worse than Shelburne Road
at rush minute.

How much snow was there? Man-high fence which normally shields the view
down Old National was buried.

Last I heard, Stowe was closing the gondy for the season. Criminal act.

Rumors of rains this week. Conditions will change. Future is unpredictable.
We wait and watch.


Season countdown to 50: Wesley, 44 days and counting
                        Doctor, 22 days and counting