Powderhound wrote:

>hi all...
>approximately 2-3 weeks after the illustrious Mr. Kamien (KAMEEEN ???) 
>made his debut on ontario slopes, i finally did the same...rather call it 
>a pimple on the ass of the Niagara escarpment...that would be a better 
>nice country, but could easily stand for another 2000' of vertical...if 
>someone had told me, even up to saturday, that i would someday ski 100+ runs 
>in a day, well those of you who know me can imagine what i would say...but lo 
>and behold greg and i did it...guess that sort of describes the terrain 
>for you...of the hills in this region however, it is said that "The 
>Valley" as it is called has the best steeps...with names like High Risk, 
>Avalanche and Free Fall...these runs were challenging i must admit, with 
>nice carvable (sp? actually is that even a word) base in the morning we 
>did some (actually a lot of) cruiser runs to get warmed up...the terrain 
>slowly started gettting more and more corn like as the day 
>progressed....the weather was beautiful...sunny skies temps in the mid 60's.

Having skied Beaver Valley or BV as we called it prior to knowing there was
a place called Bolton Valley, I can say that in Southern Ontario that
probably have the best Mogul run going.  Long pitch, good sun exposure and
lots of cheers from the chair.  We used to go upi once a year and have a
sunny day of mogul mashing and red wine swilling with the various CSIA
Ontario instructors.

I agree, the front is boring!!! They used to run a SOD GS on the front that
was as painful as any race I have every tried to complete.  Long poles for
XC came in helpful and race wax won more times than technique.

Another good So. Ontario Bumop trail can be found at Horshshoe Valley.
Easier to access and about 700 feet of vertical.  Nice trail.

Escarpment skiing at it's best.