I decided to call Sugarbush and register another complaint of my own
about North closing.

    Scott Campbell (sp?) at sugarbush told me that they hope to keep Steins
run open until late may or hopefully June. They have less snow on Steins than
Killington has on Superstar but Scott feels the location of Steins as compared
to Superstar (altitude, southern expousure etc.) will allow Steins to keep it's 
snow late until may. Scott also mentioned that the Lincoln peak chair would be kept
open as late into the ski season as possible. Spring fling, an intermediate
trail with half bumps lately, will also be kept open until late in the year.

    Scott also mentioned that grooming tends to make the snow melt faster so
we can expect to see less grooming as we get farther into spring. I must say that
sure was good news to hear.

    I will still miss FIS this spring.

    Dave Barcomb