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>  So, what is the real story behind Boston Bob anyway?  I've read his
>name on this list before, and actually met him on my way up the quad
>at Stowe in February (I was taking a lesson and my instructor
>introduced him to me).  What are the stories (and truths) about this

Stories from The Boston Bob Archives:

I cannot reveal my sources. I claim not to have written any of the
following, nor do I even remember where I found these stories. Names
changed to protect the innocent, all of whom will deny any knowledge of the
following words:

Someone saw him once at the Quad, putting his skis on in the line. They
noticed the bottoms and said there were huge gaps where the bottoms were
gouged out. The tails on top were really a mess, either from the way he
skis or people stepping on them to keep him in check in the lines. Someone
notice him coming down Liftline one weekend and he seemed to almost be
turning!!!! He has slowed down quite a bit and he's been taking breaks in
the bitter cold because of the problems he has from so much frostbite. But
he still scares people when they hear him coming. "Bob alert" is a cry to
be taken seriously.

"MABB" - that's Mothers against Boston Bob - Some of the local moms had
bumper stickers made. "Amy" is not the only one in Stowe that thinks the
guy is dangerous.

BB used to like to be on the last chair on the last day and he especially
wanted to be on the last mtn double chair before it was taken out. The lift
attendants and patrol knew this, of course. So, rumor has it, they had a
plan. Patrol made snowballs all day long at the top of the double/single.
When BB wanted to get on, the lift guys told him he had to wait , but
they'd make sure he got the last chair. The signal to the top was all the
empty chairs before BB came up. The guys at the top stopped the chair just
before he got to the top, and patrol pelted him with snowballs. And BB's
reaction, you ask. Well, true to BB ego, he told everyone they did it
because they like him!!!!!

"Madge" got on the quad one warm Feb day in 94 & BB got on from the singles
line, sans shirt.  "Madge" yelled OOOOOOOH!!!! Cover that uuuupp!!! I guess
she wasn't impressed.

A recent article in SKI magazine closes with something about the author
asking Bob -- if he had to -- would he choose a record run number 47 or a
pretty girl. Bob thought about it for several long seconds, and replied, "I
I would choose the girl." He wasn't too sure. "We" doubt he'll
be faced with that dilemma anytime soon.

A skivittler recently wrote:

(yawgoo is a tiny ski hill in Rhode Islan)

>7 - Much more convenient to Boston than far away Stowe
>6 - At Yawgoo, he'd be considered an expert skier
>5 - Can never reach dangerous speeds on narrow and flat Rhode Island ski
>4 - Meet new challenges, like: how many backwards runs in one day?
>3 - Certain of getting the absolute most vertical in the state
>2 - Achieve ski god status with locals by skiing over 100 runs in one day
>1 - Never, EVER have to turn.
>Gee.  Maybe some ski shop at Stowe could start up a "Send Boston Bob to
>Yawgoo" collection.  It's bound to be cheaper than Sugarbush.

"Don" bumped into Boston at Action Outfitters. He told "Don" how much he
loved the SKI article (surprise), and when shop rat "Jim" mentioned that he
hadn't heard about it, Bob proudly whipped out a tattered copy for all to
see on a moment's notice.

Boston Bob was seen back in November by "Tom" with a woman and child in
tow. "Tom" saw him stopped in the middle of the trail, waiting for woman
and child to catch up. Boston Bob told "Tom" not to tell anyone he had
actually stopped in the middle of a trail.

In December, Boston Bob almost skied into "Mike" at the Starr-Lookout
intersection. "Mike" Couldn't believe Bob had skied Starr. Bob actually
stopped for a fraction of a second, looked at "Mike", grunted, and seemed
as if he couldn't believe someone was standing in his way.  He looked
"Mike" in the eye long enough to regisiter recognition that he had seen
"Mike" on the hill before and "Mike" better not try such a wacky stunt as
stand still again.


I am not now nor will I ever be Boston Bob, nor do I speak for him or
against him. I simply channel rumors that have come across the SkiVt-L
administration desk.

Coming soon to the SkiVt-L site: the Boston Bob FAQ ?